SATYANARAYANA POOJA: know about its Importance and Benefits

Satya means Truth and Narayana means the man on a higher level, thus Satyanarayana means the extraordinary man with utmost truth. This pooja is performed for worshipping Lord Vishnu, the supreme god of some Hindus. 

Shri SatyaNarayana pooja us not only popular in Gujarat but also in Odisha, Manipur, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal and many other parts of India. 

Generally, during the House warmings or Birthdays or on special occasions like when one purchase new cars or start a new business, we perform this pooja and the best part is that this pooja does not require the priest compulsory. Anyone can do this pooja. When Narayan asked lord Vishnu about the mantra to end the sorrows people have on earth, Lord Vishnu told Narayan that people worshipping lord Satyanarayan will receive happiness and will get Moksha. This pooja is believed to bring lots of positive energy to the person and lots of happiness in the home. The difficulties and problems in the life get eliminated.

There are a lot of things which one needs for Satyanarayana pooja and for Pooja Decoration, the list is quite long. Earlier the only option to buy those things was from the physical store, but now you can buy the pooja items required for Satyanarayana from online Pooja stores. All the arrangements for the pooja should always be done one day prior so that the things required don’t let you rummage here and there.



There is no compulsion on selecting the day but if the pooja is performed on a full day, it is considered very auspicious.

After taking bath in the morning or in the evening, the pooja can be performed.

It is the tradition to fast until one completes the pooja and offers prasad to the Lord Satyanarayan.

Devotee prepares prasadam which is also called Panchamrit. It is made using five things - Milk, Honey, Sugar, Yogurt and Ghee.

People decorate the entrance with mango leaves.

In the East-West direction, a shrine is placed and it is then beautified with the fresh flowers and rangoli is created on it. 

On shrine, Kalash and the picture of Lord Satyanarayan are placed. We apply the kumkum and fresh flowers on the picture.

Kalash is placed with the Mango Leaves all around.

In Satyanarayan pooja, Kalash puja and Navgraha puja is also performed.

The puja starts with reciting the Katha of the lord Satyanarayan.

At last, one asks forgiveness from the god.

Lord Satyanarayan has 108 names 


What are the benefits of performing this pooja?


  • > It improves physical and mental health
  • > People receive family prosperity
  • > Everything good happens in the house
  • > Vibes get improved
  • > One can eliminate all the sins from life
  • > Protection from evil’s eye and negative energy is received
  • > Dreams get fulfilled


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